Our Services

In all our business endeavours, our goal is to merge exceptional service delivery with excellent customer service and client satisfaction.


Hala Group is your go-to distributor for the best quality construction materials at the most competitive market rates available. We distribute every kind of material used in the construction and repair of residential and commercial buildings. We have a network of manufacturers that guarantees that our products are top of the range, good quality durable.
We have built a reputation for quick delivery and complete customer satisfaction evidenced in our strong customer relationships.

Our Products: Cement, Cement Blocks, Floors, Doors & Door hardware, Electrical systems and equipment, Wire rope and cables, Plumbing fixtures &equipment, Wood, bamboo, carpentry.


Businesses rely heavily on logistics for successful transactions. Poor logistics can significantly reduce a company’s profit in the long run. Hala Group runs a highly efficient logistics operation that conveys products from businesses to consumers. We have a fleet of motorbikes and a network spanning the entirety of Lagos and its environs.

Combining fair costs with incredible speed, we manage the delivery aspects of your supply chain, protecting your brand’s reputation and ensuring client satisfaction.

Our Services: Partnerships for Delivery, Efficient Customer Service, Fast-Track Solutions.


Hala Group carries out autonomous marketing and distribution of gas and petroleum products for powering vehicles, homes and offices. We import and sell refined oil and natural gas products to fulfil all your energy needs.

Our focus is fundamentally on the standardising the quality of our products and ensuring safety in delivery. We adapt to the varying energy needs of our clients and supply accordingly.

Our Products: Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Cooking Gas.


Our agribusiness component supports the farm-to-table movement by providing locally cultivated farm produce. We source and deliver organic, farm-fresh produce to homes and businesses nationwide using our own logistics chain. We strike the best bargains with farmers to save costs and provide comfortable prices for our consumers and retailers.
Using our logistics service, we store and deliver perishable produce in the freshest conditions to guarantee a longer life span before reaching the end consumer.

Our Products: Tomatoes, Pepper, Tatashe, Onion, Cabbage.

Hala Meat

Hala Meat operates as a division of the Hala Group and manages our African-inspired grill at the Admiralty Farmers Market, situated in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Our focus at Hala Meat is centered on expertly grilling a delectable array of meats, including Guinea Fowl and a selection of bush meat such as grass cutter, antelope, rabbit, and more. Additionally, we offer the refreshing delight of cold palm wine.

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